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Amber Duffy

Amber started out my career working as a Saturday girl in a small salon in Newbury, Berkshire and it was working at this salon that she discovered her passion for hair.

When Amber left school she moved to a bigger salon in Oxfordshire called Headmaster and enrolled as an apprentice. She was lucky to be taught and work along side a team of experienced and talented stylist; however after five years she felt she needed a new challenge where she could express the more creative side of the industry. Amber landed a job at Versus which was right outside the centre of oxford down the Cowley road. The Cowley road is extremely multicultural which she found very inspiring, two of the stylist in the team were trained by Mahogany.

Amber gained a great deal of fresh and new ideas that were essential and helped her to deal with a new and challenging clientele. Her experience from her previous employment gave her the knowledge of how to adapt her creative ideas to suit each individual clients need. She enjoyed working at Versus which had an extremely talented team of inspiring stylists.

Amber is currently a senior stylist where she is able to experience both the creative and commercial side of the industry. She also does session work and works on photo shoots, which she is extremely passionate about. Whilst working with CEK, Amber has had her images published in the official programme of Blackpool Hair & Beauty Show 2011.

Alongside her career, Amber is taking her HND in hair and beauty management. She chose to do this to get a better understanding of the industry and to keep her career continually moving forwards. She regularly attend industry courses with G.H.D, Wella, Paul Mitchelle, and Tigi.

She really excels on the creative side and loves ‘hair-up’ & ‘wedding hair’ styling - Amber works wonders with a variety of styling tools and she is always keen to try out new techniques and technology.

Amber adds “ I appreciate the ability we have as stylists to express our creativeness, adapting classic Designs by using modern and current techniques to create original and contemporary hair trends”.

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Amber Duffy