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Gary Sunderland

International Platform Artist, Gary, has been in the professional hairdressing industry for over 27 years in education roles for Wella, Sebastian, Corioliss, Hair tools & FHI Heat. He has travelled the world presenting shows and seminars to the professional hairdressing industry in his own unique style. The creative flair and passion for his “not the norm” out of the box thinking has captured the attention of hairdressers that attend the seminars and workshops that he presents. 
3 Times nominee for the British Hairdressing Awards was just the start for Gary.

Gary presents seminars and educational workshops nationwide and regularly presents at the L’Oreal Professional Studio in Hammersmith, London. In 2007, 
he was asked to be a judge at the NAHA (North American Hairdressing Awards) and travelled to Las Vegas for the judging and awards ceremony.

Gary strongly believes in “educations the key” and strives to push both himself and all who attend the seminars and workshops to expand beyond their boundaries of what they think is achievable with hair. Having the ability is only part of the equation and using the best professional tools in the industry 
is key to creating beautiful session and consumer looks.
Having seen Gary present on a number of occasions, his passion and enthusiasm for creating beautiful hair is infectious, and his presentations are done
in a humorous and interesting way.

Gary is available for:

‘The Art of Blow Dry’
From ’polishing’ the hair at the backwash station, selecting high quality styling tools, using the right product, to kreativ technique in order to create that professional, salon look. All the time, talking to the client & offering advice re both technique, products and styling tools.

‘Kreativ Crimping’
Crimping is back in a big way and The Crimping Iron has evolved into a state of the art styling tool fit for the 21st century. Gary will demonstrate the beautiful catwalk looks that can be achieved with a little creativity and bags of expertise!

Curling with Doll Twidlestics
Marvel at the volume and tumbling curls that can be created by using DOLL Twiddlestics... an exciting new styling tool. The curls will last until the hair is washed!

Blading Technique
This workshop will show you how to create a style with no visible cutting line whatsoever, creating layers inside the hair, rather than on the outside, removing weight, whilst at the same time, adding volume! Gary will remove the fears that many stylists have about cutting with a blade, demonstrating cutting on the curve and creating concave shapes.

We are delighted that Gary is working with us in designing and presenting creative hair fashion / photography workshops to salons / stylists who wish to create their own collections and / or work as a session stylist. Gary’s presentations are legendary throughout the industry and they are both highly informative and entertaining

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Gary Sunderland