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Katy Grimshaw

Katy has been hairdressing since the age of 13. She loves everything about the industry and the people in it! Her true passion is learning new techniques and putting them into practice as in this industry you are constantly learning new skills. Katy worked with Celeste Arnold for several years before heading north to Edinburgh for a period. Since returning, she has gone freelance with a longer term goal of opening her own salon.

Katy does lots of session work working with some of the best names in the industry and she has been working with the NHF Inspire team for the past 2 years doing shoots education and stage shows. Katy also just worked for the NHF Hairdressers Journal stage creating new looks for the year ahead at Salon International 2011.

Katy has had published work in Work Life magazine, Country and Town House magazine, Face Off magazine, Salon Focus, Salon Business, Professional Hairdresser, Hairdressers Journal, Creative Head, Hair, Hair Ideas and many more.
CEK has worked with Katy several years ago on a photo shoot and she has that burning passion for creating fabulous hair! We are delighted to be working with her once again.

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Katy Grimshaw